New Years convergence was a little different this year, we had 4 stations from 4 different AO’s throughout Cherokee county. We did this so we could show the diversity in our workouts. The AO’s selected Arena which is high intensity BD, stone-clad 0.0 style, Murph City which is extactly what you think a murph, and finally the forge/buff which is kettlebell training.




Partner 1 runs while Partner 2 does amrap of below exercises switching when each pax has completed the workout. rinse repeat


overhead claps


big boys




3 stations, split pax into 3 stations once completed with assigned reps run around the bathrooms and plank on the 6 before starting next exercise.

5 pull-ups

15 merkins

25 squats


The Forge Kettle bell exercises

45 exercise and 15 second rest


skull crushers



KB swings

Triple threat

Rinse Repeat



sun-gods forward 20 count

sun gods backward 20 count

overhead claps 20 count

seal claps 20 count

Crucifix- Q’s discretion

Maracas 20 count


ring of fire

15 Carolina Dry Docks

15 merkins

15 Squats

rinse repeat



We ended with some introductions to of 1st F q’s, 2nd F Q’s, 3rd F Q new responsibilities, the mission, and finally The HIM of the Year which was Short-Circuit. Wise words were spoken about making sure we are doing the best that we can for our M’s, 2.0’s, and the man next to us. Prayers for many things, and we ended with bacon, donuts, and coffee.


Thank you to all that made this a success, look forward to 2022 and serving alongside you all!



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