Wham-O’s back (Jordan Thrasher)

Wham-O’s Testimonial…Then my back went out. I had to go to the emergency room and eventually surgery, but the whole time I was out kept getting encouraging notes from my F3 bros..Read More

Random Ramblings of SGT Slaughter

One thing that keeps me exercising is a workout group called F3. It’s a workout group that incorporates fitness, fellowship, and faith. I found it through a friend that I went to OCS with in the National Guard.

Magically Delicious

4 months ago I saw a picture of myself that made me very unhappy. It could have been how I was sitting or the face I was making, but I didn’t recognize that guy. I was embarrassed. And angry! I have struggled with my weight since 6th grade when I got my first pair of …

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Real Men

Hooch Family Photo

Nine men in a circle before sunup on a Monday morning. I’m in the middle. All heads bowed. Each man has a hand on my shoulder. Praying. For me. And for my family. Two years ago, I had nothing like this. Sure, we go to church. I have a loving family at home and loving …

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Patience? Never met him!

I don’t know why I felt compelled to write this, but I’m doing so anyways. F3 has without a doubt changed my life and the way I view my impact on the world we live in. I’m young, 23 as I’m writing this, and I’ve only been with F3 about 6 months. In that time …

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