03/15/2023 - MorningWood - Donkey Love

Bloodhound, Pella, Misty and YHC convened the 0430 running club to get warmed up for the main event. YHC stole one of Yogi’s routes where we go looking for the…

02/15/2023 - MorningWood - The Brownfields

The intrepid Pax of MW braved the driving rain to traverse the heretofore uncharted and quite hilly brownfields of Woodmont with the hopes of ascending mount Gaddis to destroy a…

01/27/2023 - Hurt Locker - Tower of terror

Did 17 sets of the following, Burpee, Merkin, lunge, squat, box, cutter, mountain, climber, run. Gecko that is VQ and is now Laura croft. It’s bloodhounds fault this is

F3 Cherokee