04/03/2024 - Kodiak - The Kodiak Quartet

Four Pax braved the wonderfully perfect weather for working out and got a classic Lawdoggatan workout. Warmups something typical and then mosey to the stadium for some Four Corner Ovals.…

03/21/2024 - Happy Jack - Crowd Funder

WARMUP: good morning, imperial walkers, the quag THE THANG: 4 corners and 11’s. Waylon had to side text to get anyone to show up. MARY: none ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dawson race Saturday

03/07/2024 - Happy Jack - Happy Witch

WARMUP: threw some rocks in the retention pond THE THANG: raced on some trails, did some merkins. Creativity was lacking this morning but we pushed through. MARY: happy jacks ANNOUNCEMENTS: