The Five Year Anniversary of The Clinic

We had 55 PAX converge upon the NHC Amphitheater in perfect 61 degree weather, under a semi-full moon with not a cloud in the sky.  There were 4 AOs present in attendance – The Apex, Clinic, Colosseum and Vineyard.

There was laughter, handshakes and hugs as many PAX reunited, some who had not seen each other in quite a while.  Times like these are special, and I think the older we get, we tend to appreciate them more.


Blue Light led us in a short mosey up and around the top of the amphitheater, back to the main grass field in front of the stage.  Exile ensured we circled up in a bullseye fashion.  SSH, WP, IW, SG and MPs OYO were completed.  Love the echo off that stage wall, especially when there’s a small army of PAX counting out in cadence…

The Thang


Butterfly faithfully typed up and printed out 80 index cards with various exercises, to be completed in the said location.  Each card had a different point value, based on the location and exercise.  These index cards were printed in (4) groups of twenty, each a different color – Pink, Green, Yellow and Orange.  The PAX counted off in fours, and teams were established accordingly.

The starting pistol was fired and we we were all off to the races.   We had WW2 Situps at the memorial, No Surrenders at the flag, LBCs by the fire station, Bear Crawls in front of Canyons (a Wax-On Fave), Trill’s Racoon Crawls on the wall, Monkey Humpers on Main Street, etc…

The Winner?  Well it’s just like every fundraiser golf tournament I’ve played in.  It’s the last team, who always seems to have the best score.  But like our Pantan reminded us, we’re all winners in the end.  Picanha seemed to question this, however.


We counted off (Subzero had to dip out early, so we missed him in the count) and Namarama was done.   Rubberneck was our 6th man and showed the FNGs how it’s done.  We named our two FNGs, Chick Magnet and Pinto*, brought out by Rabbit and Phisher respectively.  Always fun when you have 50+ strangers shouting out weird names at you, right after you divulged your most embarrassing childhood story.

I shared a few words on the meaning of life and the secret to happiness.

Prayers were lifted up for Pinto*’s family member with cancer and NOGA Python’s grandmother with dementia.  Panhandle and Exile showed us what a real Ball-O-Man looks like.  We prayed it out and then congratulated each other on a job well done.

I think many would agree, we all had a blast.  Very thankful for my Co-Qs Butterfly and Blue Light for helping pull this all together.  Also thankful to all of you who came out to support this special occasion.

Icy out!

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