–  SSH, WP, IW
–  Exile’s new murder merkins. A 6 count exercise performed in cadence: Alternating shoulder taps, downward move, hand release, then up to plank position. (Ensures full range of motion from the bottom to the top)

Partner up. Rotate with partner and take turns for 100 Donkey Kicks / holding balls to the wall. Goal is to get to 100 donkey kicks together.
Mosey up the stairs to the ledge for Step Ups and Incline Merkins in cadence
  100 Diamond Derkins on the Curb
  200 Dips on the rail
  300 Squats
Run is from guard rail, cross the field and up to the top of the grassy hill. 1 Burpee at the top. Add another burpee each time you summit.
6 min of Mary, led by Apex locals.
The Apex is now handed over to new site Q’s: Brady Bunch and Chancellor
Prayers of gratitude and for continued safety and health.
Naked Man Moleskin
46 PAX is a lot to share our ledge for incline merkins and step-ups, but YHC did rather enjoy the tender closeness with Babyface. Brad Pitt is evil when there’s Mary. Maaco still thinks merkins are a Mary exercise. It was incredible to have so many PAX from other AO’s join us to celebrate the Apex 1st Anniversary and new site Q’s. The cofeteria was some of the best around: Coffee, donuts, chicken biscuits, and bacon! Slow burn got trapped in the parking lot unsure how to find an exit, we’re pretty sure he’s still there going in circles.

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