05/16/2024 - Night Train - touch and go

WARMUP: SSH, WEED PICKERS, TUMBLEWEEDS, STATIC LUNGES THE THANG: 1 HIM and 1 2.0 are it, after 5 merkins they chase and TAG another. HIM tagging a HIM 10 merkins,…

05/02/2024 - Night Train - 6ixes

WARMUP: mosey to stretch some merkins THE THANG: various things with merkins = 240 merkins MARY: burpees and american hammers ANNOUNCEMENTS: nada COT: those who lost their homes; kids and…

04/20/2024 - WarTowne - ULTIMATE QUIDDITCH !!!!

WARMUP: Short mosey over to the battlefield THE THANG: Gryffindor V. Hufflepuff!! MARY: Copperhead Squats, Copperhead Merkins ANNOUNCEMENTS: Convergence Next Saturday @ Catbox COT: Prayers for

04/18/2024 - Night Train - Keep the kids busy!!

WARMUP: -mosey -hat game -ssh, weedpickers, tumbleweeds, sun gods, michael phelps – THE THANG: – -plank walk obstacle course (3 rounds) -11’s – carolina dry docks, lbc’s -catch me if…

03/09/2024 - WarTowne - Speed-4-Need

WARMUP: THE THANG: Speed for Need Training in the gloom MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Speed for Need events coming need riders COT: Prayers for those struggling with