F3 is about so much more than Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. It’s about a level of accountability to be a better husband, father, friend, neighbor, and member of a community. As the HC’s started rolling in, YHC thought, no way this many guys are gonna show up? YHC wrote down on a card the name of everyone who punched the HC button for today. Who meant it we would find out.

F3’s also about learning to adapt. Well…

On the way, an @channel message from Red Hat suddenly alerts us that the Woodstock Police asked that we not park or work out this morning. Given the tensions in our nation, YHC understood and attempted to call an audible (while breaking our hands-free laws). Maybe 1/3 of the group got the memo and met at the site of the Flying V. Finally stopped at the site of the Chatterbox for a quick run to the restroom and got the call from Foosball. Planned to have one group stay at the Clinic, and we’d join them at 0531 at the corner of Main and Arnold Mill.


Moseys from both locations. OH what a glorious site to see 30 men running up the hill from Clinic as a group of us moseyed from the other flag and got stuck at the light. Finally we converged at Chat Tech for the warm-o-rama to end them all.

Roll Call — Yes — We were gonna find out who meant their HC. 100% pass rate.

5 Burpees OYO for your brother who wasn’t there today.

15 Windmills IC

15 Imperial Walkers IC

Handoff to Band Camp for a little surprise – 100 SSH IC (Throwback to Bandcamp’s Century–one of the worst Q’s of all time)

Re-took the reigns for some Michael Phelps OYO

The Thang

Mosey back to the Clinic and handed the reigns to Tiny Tat. Quick aside–the dude is a rock. A stallion. A force. YHC respects his quiet, thoughtful leadership so much, and was thankful he stepped in as a guest Q!

Classic DORA – Partner up for 100 Hand Release Merkins, 200 Big Boy Situps, 300 Squats. 5 Star jumps on the stage at the “apex” of the run portion. None of us are as fast as Tiny Tat, so audible for time to 200 Squats. Still not sure who if anyone got that.

Next surprise… a LONG mosey by Manning! Manning is taking the long and winding road to the F3 Hall of Shame (whoops, I meant fame). We were told to hush as he ran us through a neighborhood over to the railroad tracks (what is it with him and tracks)? Pax planked across the tracks for what can only forever be called the Manning Express. Pax at the end of the line jumps over each Pax as he moves down the train to resume plank at the end of the line. This went on for 44 Pax or eternity. Not sure which came first.

At the end of the train, Pax hold plank for a Merkin Pyramid–up to 15 and back down to 1. Mosey back to the flag.

YHC detoured with Lizard King to get the Munchkins from the car and rejoined the Pax for a Cricket-led 6 MOM. Flutter kicks, Dolly, and then that stupid thing Brad Pitt does where we lower our legs really slowly and then spread them slowly… if it has a name I can’t image what it is! The Angelina! Boom.



Prayers for Narco’s son Landon having surgery, Prayers for Amy Dougherty (Sharapova’s M) who is fighting cancer with all she has, and prayers for John Blackwell, a local friend who lost his daughter a few weeks ago. Prayers of thanksgiving for public spaces in our free land, places we can protest injustice and places we can accelerate as men.

Naked Man Moleskin

The Clinic is so important to YHC. It’s the place F3 found YHC (thanks Cricket). It’s the place YHC first posted (thanks Spaceballs). It’s the place YHC first site Q’d (thanks Band Camp for the adventure). It’s the first place YHC ran 6 miles down the railroad tracks (thanks Manning). And it’s the single best place in F3 Cherokee to post for the perfect balance of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith (thanks Saluki and Foosball).

Spoke briefly to the Pax about the importance of the man next to him. For it’s him who we post for… not ourselves. There are hundreds of ways to accelerate our fitness outside of F3, but nothing like accelerating fitness with fellowship and faith. Challenged the Pax to make their HC’s in life mean something. Keep those commitments and be accountable.




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