Lost Boys: LaFleur, Rubber Ducky, Piano Man

Plan for today was to disrupt a safe space. TLD is known around Cherokee County for harboring those who hate running. So, I bring the running to TLD every chance I get. today was no different.

Mosey down to the lower lot for some squats and Michael Phelps. PAX didn’t like that this ended our warmup. it was a Maaco style warmup.

Thang 1: Had PAX form 2 lines for Native American Appropriation Run with a twist… first two PAX would sprint off as far as they thought they needed to complete 5 Bro Merkins before the lines met them. if the lines caught up everyone performed 5 penalty burpees.

Warmup 2: Weed Pickers and some sungods. that’s all we needed.

Thang 2: Profanity Merkins

15 Merkins in cadence followed by a 45sec plank. brief rest, 14 Merkins in cadence followed by 40sec plank, 13/35, 12/30… we held here b/c the PAX were starting to lose faith in their arm muscles.

Thang 3: Partner up. Partner 1 runs a lap around the lower lot while Partner 2 does AMRAP. AMRAP exercises are as follows:

  • Peter Parker Burpees
  • Lunge, Sumo Squat, Lunge
  • Dips
  • Merkin, Plank Jack (2x), Merkin
  • American Hammers
  • JLo
  • Superman Hold
  • Captain Thor
  • LBSBCs (Little Baby Sidebend Crunch)
  • Flutter Kicks

Indian Run to mosey back

Thoughts on the day… 37 PAX is far too many for any sort of organized activity… especially in a place where everyone hates running. 2.5mi isn’t too bad for a TLD beatdown and my arms are pretty spent at this point. Will I Q this again? Yes, maybe even sooner than later. Will the TLD PAX ever like running? The world may never know

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