Intro: YHC figured out his 1 yr F3 Anniversary date earlier this week and that it was 11/6. So.., YHC had to find a Q option.  Barbosa was gracious enough to relinquish his Q at the Clinic where YHC 1st posted a year ago so it was perfect!


*Mosey around the lower level of the Clinic along the road doing a loop :  Circle up on the center field.  

5’s Kodiakish Count: 

SSH, (Side Straddle Hop); TWP’s, (The Weed Pickers); IP’s (Imperial Walkers ; OP’s, (Overhead Press in honor of Chancellor); SG’s, (Sun Gods); MP’s, (Michael Phelps)

*Mosey around the lower level of the clinic along the road doing a loop again.  Circle up on the 1st level of the Amphitheater on the left side to gather the PAX up, do a count off and give instructions.

The Thang: “STAIRS”  (Dora Style)

Had PAX partner up with someone at their same level or below their ability.. (How does that even work??).  Turns out it does not, as YHC did not get a partner despite 34 PAX attending, (???).  Clearly no one feels they are below YHC’s ability….)

Dora  (Both Partners start at the same time.)

1 Partner Starts Ongoing Timer:  

Bear Crawls up Stairs, Walking Lunges from the top at the midpoint above amphitheater to the far left Corner above the amphitheatre,  Mosey Down to PMP (Partner Meeting Point) then trade with Partner and pick up and continue count on reps where Partner left off on Exercise portion.

1 Partner Starts Exercise:

1st Wall 25 Dips

2nd Wall Jump on Wall, 50 Squats 

3rd Wall 75 Derkins 

4th Wall Jump on Wall, 100 LBC’s

5th Wall 125 step up Ralph Macchio’s (Thanks to Drumstick for sharing these kicks with me months ago..)


**When done the 5th Wall, go back to the 1st Wall and start again**



PAX line up on the left side of the field in front of the amphitheater stage.  YHC starts it off by throwing off the Official League disc with light modifications.  PAX all run to try to catch the disc in the air.  Once the disc drops, all PAX drop and have to bear crawl to the dropped disc. Once PAX get to the disc, they plank and hold to pick the 6th. 6th PAX to the disc should, (in two words), share what F3 means / has meant to him.  Then he throws the disc next.  All chase and repeat again.  If a PAX catches the disc, he should, (in two words), share what F3 means / has meant to him.  Then he throws it.  All chase and repeat until Q calls time. 

Back to the Flag for 5 mins and 40 seconds of Mary:

*Q calls on PAX to call out Mary

COT: Prayers for family Dunshire mentioned who had trees fall on their house and where displaced, Prayers for the family with the mom with the heart condition and who have to move this 11/8 suddenly, F3 helping with that led by Hardhittin.  YHC thanked the PAX for coming out to support the 1 year AQ and took unplanned moments of silence to share a bit of what F3 meant to him.   


It was pretty awesome to see PAX showing up at 4:30 and 4:45am for a Pre Run at the Clinic Friday.  Any other day, I would have joined them, but getting the lighting right and making sure bluetooth connected ok was key for YHC’s AQ. So YHC stayed at the AO to fine tune things while 5-6 PAX went for a PreRun with Geeksquad following them sooner after for his “taking it easy day” pre run..

By 5:20am there were 20 + PAX gathering by the flag site Q Foosball had planted earlier and more driving in.  Plenty of familiar faces, but some new ones and also showing up was an FNG.  The men of F3Cherokee  do not disappoint! 

YHC velcroed the GoPro on the head and started the mosey around the AO ending up in a nice big circle.  YHC spent a few seconds/(maybe minutes..) trying to read disclaimer and Warm O Rama notes and then forgot to do a count..  After warm ups and an additional mosey, got the PAX on the second level of Amphitheatre walls lining them up and then did the count off.  We had 34, including YHC.  Nice showing!  YHC instructed the PAX to pair up and gave instructions as listed above.  Goal was to make everyone work, but stay in the same area so PAX and Partners could easily encourage each other or, (as discovered by Dunshire), hurl Monty Python reference insults over the wall down upon their partners as they did walking lunges.

The PAX worked hard to complete the exercises and despite Exile only doing 74 of the 75 Derkins listed, his form was impeccable!  YHC is certain there were some PAX both praising and cursing YHC about LBC pain or leg lunge fatigue, but with Brady Bunch’s bluetooth speaker blaring and YHC’s propensity for Mumblechatter, it was all white noise..

Once the wall-athon work and unbearable stair climbs were 20 mins in, YHC called the PAX over to explain that we would move to “Two Words-FrisBears”.  This is described above and had the intention to get the PAX to briefly share what F3 had meant to them.  YHC, initially thought about asking for PAX to share more, but realized if it got too serious, cutting a PAX off to yell “Chase the flying lit up disc!” might not demonstrate the value of having PAX listen up to other support other PAX..  So YHC saved it for the COT..  

At this point, Slow Burn demonstrated how fast and focussed he is, by not only catching 1 of the tosses, but 2, maybe 3 of the 7 or so thrown.  This is the same guy who does his bear crawls like a bull chasing down the Santa Claus at the local mall’s “Sit on Santa’s lap” holiday photo booth..  He was in high gear on all fours!

PAX shared some great words on what FS means to them. Oddjob was likely the most sentimental, highlighting Slack and Mumblechatter.  YHC then brought us back to the Flag for some Mary, (which as YHC understands it is to work the core and get PAX involved).  I think some other PAX look at its purpose in other ways..  😉  There was a mix of box cutters, “6 inches”, (I only assume in respect to BradPitt who could not make this one) and Gutcheck did some Rosalita’s which YHC thinks is his favorite version of Mary..  YHC then did a count off again to make sure we still had 34 PAX.  We did!  At this point there was also a thought that YHC might I.D. YHC’s intended partner; (maybe get an admission of their fear of doing Derkins in tandem with YHC)..  However, there was only confirmation that everyone should have had a partner..  (Yes,  everyone should have had a partner. It would have helped since this jerk of a Q should have known that 75 Derkins OYO is a lot of Derkins…;))

The fun continued at the Name O Rama!  short circuit started off the name o rama by forgetting what to do, (maybe intentionally or maybe he thought he was Brainfart….)  Biebs was the 6th man and got to share his love for popband boy singers. Somehow The Situation and JerseyShore both came out to post on the same day, (Magic)..  And to top it off, we had a great new FNG who shared that he did motocross.  He declared that a bike with pedals is not a real bike, (welcome Schwinn!).

It was a perfect and awesome morning to celebrate YHC’s 1 year of getting into this wild and awesome thing called F3! YHC is so grateful for the great HIM’s who get up early everyday to post and push each other, to hold each other accountable and to be there to pick up the 6th.  Grateful for my ShieldLock, the PAX of the Apex, the Clinic and many other AO’s.  Grateful for those that came out in the gloom early Friday AM to post, do stupid things, get stronger and support YHC and everyone out there.  (There were way too many to mention you all here.) I look forward to posting with you all again soon around the region!


-WC (So Maaco knows who wrote this BB..)






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