SSH, Merkins, Monkey Humpers, and Pickle Pointers*
(*ya boy needs to work on shoulder mobility!)

Mosey up to the parking lot entrance for a partner movement: Wheelbarrow along the road to the far tree closest to the brick retaining wall. Switch with your partner as needed. Mary on the 6.

Mosey a lap of the carpool lanes stopping for a wall sit at the middle school building entrance.
– 20 Left leg step-ups IC
– 15 Dips IC
– 20 Right leg setups IC
– 16 Tappy Toes Merkins IC

Mosey down the stairs and to the low field for a classic partner DORA 123 (100 merkins, 200 BBS, 300 squats)
– Run is to the Apex of the hill, with one burpee at the top
(disappointed no-one squawked like an eagle, where’s groot when you need him?)

Mosey to the flag for:

Proper 6 minutes of Mary = 6 minutes without feet touching the ground.
JackBauer, AirBud, Canoe, Stage Dive, Situation, Finkle, and BP gave us a proper hurting with some great core work.

Roamin’ Ruck
Freed to Bleed
Duster VQ next Monday at Apex

There is so much unseen internal struggle in human life, especially for men.

The effect of that struggle is very much felt by the wives and children of those men.


We need eachother. We need consistent relationship with men to get real with our talk, our struggles, our internal dialogues, and get the correction we need when we believe lies from the enemy about our worth or about what we “deserve” from life. We need encouragement to accelerate our own character and well being so we can provide the emotional stability and unconditional love our children and M’s need from us.

You can not give what you do not have.

You can not have it without cultivating it.

I need you. I need you to be a badass hard charging fighter in life that will challenge me to be better. I need you to hold me up when I’m weak. I need you to correct me when my ego gets in my way. I need you to keep me on the path day-to-day.

Iron sharpens iron.


– Tinfoil’s friend who’s drinking his own Sad Clown koolaid
– Black Swan’s family
– Wastewater’s M for career next step, family for health
– Ralphie’s M, Rebecca for cardiovascular health concerns

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