YCH broke up the mumble chatter as it was 5:30.  Luckily, Mouth-2-Mouth wasn’t there to let us know we were 300 micro seconds late in starting.  Off we frolicked to the Christmas Tree a top the hill a stones throw from the gazebo.  We circled up for some SSHs, weed pickers and Micheal Phelps before moseying back to the stage.

The Thang

YHC was browsing the Exicon last evening during his last minute Q planning (thanks Solarwinds) and saw “Super 21.” (https://f3nation.com/exicon/entry/3469/?gvid=398721)

Never having been to The Clinic officially for a beat down, YHC was familiar with the AO from #woodstockrucks.  Knowing the layout and that YHC would most likely be the Six and fearful that tiny creatures with magnificent mustaches would be done super early (leaving YHC scrambling for ideas), a modified Super 21 (adding more exercises and adding in runs) made sense.

Oh wait!  It’s also “do a lot of dips in December” challenge as well.  Let’s use the love bird benches that surround our Christmas tree to do DIPS!

Starting with at 1, the PAX performed the following on the stage:

  • Hand Release Merkin
  • LBC
  • Squart
  • Flutter Kick (4 count)

Once 1 of each was completed, and then it was off to the races, climbing the hill finding a bench and doing 1 dip.  PAX then returned to the stage where the 4 exercises were repeated 2 times.  Then 2 dips.  Then back for 3 of each.  Then up the hill for 3 dips.  4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, ?

With seconds remaining in this fantastic Friday beat down, Piccolo leaned in towards YHC and said, “Psssst.  Hey.  Bro.  Can I steal the Q?  It’s my birthday.”  But of course!  Piccolo lead the PAX in 4 count LBCs.  How many?  TWENTY!  Happy 20th birthday Piccolo!  You can hijack my Q any time!


Prayers for Careless Whisper, One Scoop and sis, Hooch, Stopwatch, Piccolo and all unspoken requests.  Let’s do it again!

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