AO: Wicked Witch

When: 12/20/2021


Number of Pax: 32

Pax Names: Auntie Em, Bloodhound, Brimstone, Bronco, C4, Cricket, Drumstick, Farm Country, Floppy, FNG, Fudd, Garfield, Harp, Hombre, Homeboy, Kiffin, LawDog, Leaky, Manning, Mickey, Panhandle, Quagmire, Rat Tail, Stinky Pete, Tinder, TitleMax, Trickle, Westside, White Rice, Woody, Yogi, Z93,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Art

QIC: Hombre

Being the year it was, I wanted to get back and Q at The Witch by the year anniversary of my last Q. I wanted to be in much better shape – svelte, fast and strong.  I think I got a few of those, but my speed is still like that of a klunky street sweeper.

Came up with the idea that I could try and do short segments fast on and off trail.  Got a plan together and plotted it out.  Put out 9 originally but added another for good measure.

We carried out the plan perfectly except that I had not envisioned 28 runners, a hobbler aka Mickey and a straggler aka unknown.  All in all it turned out well.

Why do I write these things out?  No one reads them.
– 2 years ago this very morning my Dad passed away

– 1 year ago shy by a day was my last Q at the Witch

– 1 year ago shy 2 days I lost my MIL and was in the hospital with all my family and my FIL with lots of broken bones all beat up and messed up.

Through it all my brothers in F3 stood by me, held me up in prayer, physically helped me, encouraged me, pushed me literally and figuratively, fed me, helped me wash, drove me….   Who to thank?   ALL OF YOU brothers from a different mother.  This goes for not just my bro’s in Cherokee county but across the nation.


If you read this – NEVER GIVE UP.  Think about your life and each day strive to be better.  To be a better man.  To be stronger, smarter, faster, kinder, more compassionate, better husband, better father, and to follow Christ more closely.

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