The Mall Cop VQ! Got a lot of HCs on slack, and the PAX did not disappoint. As Exile so eloquently noted: Mall Cop’s VQ did in fact bring ALL the boys to the yard at TLD.


An easy mosey lap followed by ssh, weed pickers, OYO sun gods and phelps. Counted off for groups of 4 because we had so many guys today. Does your heart good to see that many HIMs in one place.

The Thang:

I prefaced the workout to let everyone know it would be a crappy VQ. It was legit crappy.

C: Chicken Peckers

R: Rosalitas

A: American Hammers (double count)

P: Peter Parkers

P: People’s Air Chair

Y: Yves Poll

We did 25 reps of each exercise followed by a lap.


Someone let Exile and Maaco call Mary which was just as painful as the beatdown itself. Those two are gluttons for punishment.


Let all the PAX know that we did 25 reps of each because my birthday was yesterday, the 25th. I felt like 34 reps of Peter Parkers was too much torture. We did 6 exercises in honor of Dump Truck’s baby who will be born later today.

Heard from Hartford, AGAIN. we need to start letting that guy off the hook. we’re going to know way too much about him before too long. Prayed for Sharapova’s M as she goes in for another round of treatments today, and prayed for Dump Truck and his family as his M gives birth to their baby later this afternoon.

Naked Man Moleskin:

So honored that 25 HIMs showed up for my VQ. Thankful to know so many good dudes who are willing to annihilate their shoulders the day after a MURPH. Apologies to Jack Bauer who was offended there were no merkins today…. Though, he could have adapted like Group #1 and done Peter Parker Merkins. MODIFY AS NEEDED JACK BAUER, MODIFY AS NEEDED. That is all.

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