Trill: “LawDog will you please Q the Flyin V. I need to inspire the Pax to post and you are the best man for the Job.”
YHC “Maybe, I was going to go to the Buff.”
Trill “The Pax are asking every week, when is LawDog coming back. The Buff is good without you”
YHC “Well, CastleBlack has jalapeno biscuits.”
Trill “Look, I will show up a ruck with a few guys just to be there to see you.”
YHC, “Well, I guess if it’s that important to you, I will be glad to Q.”
Trill “Yes, you are a HIM and absolutely my favorite person in F3, just don’t tell Bagger.”

YHC showed up on time as promised. Lucky Charms tries to Yap about being on time is being late or something like that, but YHC had it all under control. Simple disclaimer, don’t get hit by a car. Instructions went like this “We are going up that way, down to that side and around the outlets down to rope mill back up the other way and back to here.” 5:30 lets mosey. Everyone was very excited about going to Rope Mill Park. They love that run and can’t image no one has ever thought of it before.

Several things were notice. One, Lucky Charms wanted to go in front of the outlet malls, but YHC reminded we go around the outlets of Atlanta. Then it was clear Exile, Scratch and Sniff and Brad Pitt and Splinter were going to run whatever way they wanted to because going back up from rope mill instead of going back the other way they went back the same way. I guess they wanted to go from the highest point in Woodstock (right near Woodstock Elementary School) to the Lowest Point (Little River) and back up to the highest point. That’s fine no problem because we still made it back except that they were a little late, you know that runners obsession people have about ending on at the mile mark and are never satisfied with .9 of some mile even if it is 4.9 miles of something run, because that .10 of a mile will drive them crazy all day.

We ended on Time and Vespa was there. He kept saying how he was old and only ran 28 mins. Something tells me Vespa accomplished something more than running for just 28 minutes. #2.23/25.

The Flying J launched this week Not to be confused with the Flyin V it starts at 5:15 and goes for an hour. Several guys have been running unofficially and Doddy and Narco stepped up to site Q. This is what being mission focused is all about. A site Q is simply the guy who makes sure the beatdown follows the 5 principles and that there is a Q. He is the consistent guy Pax know will make sure the flag is planted and a Q is ready keeping the beatdown strong and welcome FNGs. We are an organization of leaders and every pax is capable of leading and should lead. If you have a beatdown idea you want to try, don’t ask for permission, ask for help.

The Flyin V really is one of my favorite beatdowns.


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