Standard mosey and warm-o-rama with lots of mustache talk

The Thang: Four EMOM circuits divided by running. Each circuit consisted of five exercises performed for one minute and a brief rest in between each exercise. Then run a lap down the hill in front of FMS and back up.

Circuit 1: Donkey kicks, BBS, burpees, SSH’s, snowboard 180’s (lap)

Circuit 2: Wall squat, flutter kicks, burpees, OJ squats, star jumps (lap)

Circuit 3: Balls to the wall shoulder taps, plank, burpees, mtn climbers, static lunges (lap)

Circuit 4: Derkins, box cutters, burpees, plank jacks, squat jumps (lap)

Naked Man Moleskin: Crazy numbers this morning. Enjoyed seeing everyone!

FN1: Rubber Ducky, Lefleur, and Peabody were present

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