A great group of guys came out to the Den this morning to enjoy a little Tabata Tuesday workout. We took a quick mosey from one parking lot to another to get the blood pumping and then went into the warm-a-rama.

Warm-a-rama: SSH, Weed Pickers, Imperial Walkers, Sungods, Merkins, Michael Phelps

We then grabbed the coupons for the BD. The tabata consisted of 1-minute workouts with 10-second rest in between. The first three sets had four exercises while the fourth set only had three. We ran a lap in between each set.

Set 1: Overhead Press, Big Boy Situps, Squats, and Merkins

Set 2: Tricep Press, Flutter Kicks, Lunges, and Merkins

Set 3: Arm Curls, Box Cutters, Burpees, and Merkins

Set 4: Merkins, Gas Pumps, Plank Jacks

After the last lap, the coupons were placed back where they belong and we ran back to the flag for 3 minutes worth of Marys.


Count Off/Name-a-rama, 6th Man(Criss Cross), Prayer Requests, Announcements

Fellowshipping with one another over coffee (Thanks Ice T.)




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