AO: WarTowne

When: 01/08/2022


Number of Pax: 24

Pax Names: Barbossa, Black Swan, Blimpie, Brad Pitt, Brohawk, Coco, Cricket, Depends, Farm Country, GI Joe, Icy Hot, Juilliard, Lamb Chop, Maaco, Office Party, Oracle, Sooorie, Stinky Pete, Surf N Turf, Swingline, Tinfoil, Twinkle Toes,

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: Blimpie, Brohawk

QIC: Office Party

Wartowne on the road…Were supposed to have 10 FNGs…2 showed – Blimpie and Brohawk. A bunch said it was too cold…they just need to be educated on the ways of F3.

WU: Mosey, then some SSH, inchworm merkins, merkins, lunges and a few others.

Thang 1:
11s – merkins/squats – when you finished your squat set, write what you are grateful for in chalk on the ground.

Thang 2:
Dora – 100 dry docks, 200 incline merkins, 300 air presses. At each rotation, write what you are grateful in chalk.

Thang 3:
Modified Nolan Richardson – 50 inchworm merkins, 100 lunges, 150 am hams, 200 arm circles, 150 , 100 dips, 50 leg lifts

Return to the flag for COT.

Welcomed Brohawk and Blimpie. Prayers for Farm Country’s job, Brad Pitt’s M, and Brady Bunch’s M.

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