04/13/2024 - WarTowne - Wastewater is so dramatic

WARMUP: Mosey to the amphitheater parking lot. Mission Statement, 5 core Principals, hillbillies, mountain climbers, Copperhead merkins, flamingo, SSH, weedpickers, Covid. THE THANG: Go get coupons and mosey to football…

03/09/2024 - WarTowne - Speed-4-Need

WARMUP: THE THANG: Speed for Need Training in the gloom MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Speed for Need events coming need riders COT: Prayers for those struggling with

02/17/2024 - WarTowne - Final Countdown

WARMUP: mosey’ing high knees, buttkickers, bernie, sun gods THE THANG: DECATHLON MARY: No time ANNOUNCEMENTS: Flag pass, congrats/good luck Chevy & Squat COT:4 Decathlon finishers, prayers for Twinkle Toes