AO: Apex

When: 08/20/2020


Number of Pax: 19

Pax Names: Black Swan, Brad Pitt, Brady Bunch, Chancellor, Exile, Farm Country, Fire Sale, Geek Squad, High Dive, Jack Bauer, Jitterbug, koi, Maaco, Rubberneck, Sasquatch, Snot Rocket, The Situation, Viceroy, Waffle Cone,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Fire Sale

QIC: Maaco

Warm O Rama


Sun Gods


Michael Phelps

The Thang

Break off into groups of 2.

9 stations- 4 minutes per station

  1. One PAX does 90 lbs of jerry can carries for 50 yards while other PAX does merkins. Rotate when carrier gets back.
  2. Deep squat toss with 20 lb slam ball- 10 total, then 10 SSH’s.
  3. American hammers with 20 lb sand bag. Other PAX bear crawls 25 yards and crab walks 25 yards.
  4. Coupon farmer’s carry for 50 yards. Other PAX does pop squats.
  5. 50 lb wreck bag toss for 50 yards. PAX alternate throws.
  6. Pinch grip 20 lb weight in each hand. Other PAX sprints 50 yards.
  7. Overhead carry 30 lb ruck for 50 yards. Other PAX does box cutters.
  8. WW2 sit-ups with partner while tossing a basketball back and forth.
  9. Bear crawl weave through cones. Crab walk back.

Back to flag for “Mary.”

Diamond Merkins-Maaco


Can Opener Crunch-Exile



Naked Man Moleskin

Love the Apex gang.  They always bring it.

Viceroy- Best quote of the day, “there is no redeeming quality in this music.” It was an all Nu Metal playlist.

Chancellor-  Ironically, he loved the music. Tried to be cool and park in the middle of my BD setup but I wasn’t there to see it because I was on a pre-run.

Exile- He would prefer a personalized Weinke the next time that I do a BD similar to this.  Apparently, he couldn’t remember what to do at nine different stations.  Pfffff.

Geek Squad- had a leg injury on Monday.  Had a few of us running hill sprints today.  Pretty sure I tore my hamstring doing these.  Maybe I can recover as fast as he does.

The Situation- lost another set of sleeves on a shirt.  Not sure how that keeps happening.  He was throwing that Wreck Bag about 20 yards on each throw, so he may be on to something.

Koi and High Dive were really glad that the WW2 sit-ups were w/ a basketball and not a slam ball.  Maybe next time, guys.

Jack Bauer- he is still waiting on that T Swift playlist.  He may get it one day.

FNG (Fire Sale) got teamed up with YHC and Farm Country- he did a great job and definitely pushed himself.  Farm Country thanked YHC for allowing him to start each round with the more challenging of the rotating exercises.  I think he was being sarcastic.

Sasquatch- pretty sure he burned a half a tank of gas from the entrance of Etowah to the parking lot to make sure he wasn’t late for the BD.  School Zone, buddy, slow it down.

Waffle Cone- He got new shoes.  This is amazing.  He is so much faster now. Time to work on getting him a smart watch, so he can leave that computer that he straps to his arm in the car.

Brad Pitt- he has perfect pop squat form.  YHC made him demonstrate multiple times.

Black Swan- gave YHC the stare of death while he was doing his crab walks.  He doesn’t enjoy them as much as YHC apparently.

Jitterbug, Rubberneck, Brady Bunch, Snot Rocket- clearly these guys ignored YHC the entire time, or maybe they all got in Jitterbug’s Prius and drove away and no one knew because it is so quiet.

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