AO: Apex

When: 10/26/2020


Number of Pax: 18

Pax Names: Air Bud, Brad Pitt, Brady Bunch, Chancellor, Fanta, Farm Country, Fire Sale, Green Mile, High Dive, Jack Bauer, koi, Maaco, Sasquatch, Short Circuit, Snot Rocket, Sparkles, Viceroy, Waffle Cone,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Maaco, waffle cone, koi, firesale, Snot Rocket, High Dive, Viceroy, Chancellor, Green Mike, Fanta, Air Bud, Sparkles, Short Circuit, Brad Pitt, Brady Bunch, Sasquatch, Jack Bauer, Farm Country

QIC: Farm Country

PACs moseyed from flag to workout location. Q carried weighted ball supplied by @Koi. Q was already gassed on arrival.

SSHs, hillbillies, weedpickers, Michael Phelps

Ring of fire with 6 stations – 2.5 minutes per station with 30 seconds of rest in between

Station 1:

25 LBCs

Station 2:

Tennessee Iditarod

15 Merkins

Station 3:

Side shuffle with resistance band

10 burpees

Station 4:

15 squat tosses with weighted ball

15 crunch tosses with weighted ball

Station 5:

Farmer carry/jog with coupon

15 shrugs with coupon

Station 6:

50 Rocky Balboas

Bulgarian split squats

At halfway point, Q realized he over estimated his endurance and Qspewed in a dark corner of the Apex. Q did finish out the BD without dying.


Jack Bauer’s daughter and father in law

The Situation’s heel

Rat tail’s arm

Lizard king’s M

Snot rocket’s M

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