WARMUP: side straddle hops, the weed picker and squats
-sprint to 50 yard line and sprint back to goal line
-side shuffle 20 then side shuffle opposite way 20 yards bear claw 10 yards and sprint back to goal line
-karaoke 25 yards then karaoke opposite way another 25 and sprint back goal line
-Ladder drills (speed training)
-two hand touch football (ball dropped started with  5 burpees then which to 5 merkins)
-final score was 21-14

-Monday surf and turf Labor Day party check 2f channel for more details
-Friday 9/8 Blood Drive 10am at Resurrection Angelican Church (contact Saluki for details if needed)

Prayers for WasteWater and his family for adjustments in their lives
Maaco’s nephew Ashton becoming a Marine and wishing for his safety and success

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