Warm o Rama

Split up to 4 captains and pick squads.

The Thang

We split into 2 fields for sake of numbers and played your typical Ultimate Frisbee but with a slight twist that, to my knowledge, has never been done.

When your team scored a touchdown, the person who was on the receiving end of it was allowed to remain with the defending team for the kickoff. This resulted in the team throwing off after the score having one of their players to throw to as an “interceptor”. We allowed for up to 5 guys to be “interceptors” for each team but you could only add one on another scored touchdown.

We had 3-4 kickoff interceptions per game so I’d say it worked well. It was definitely a fun twist that brought some fire and strategy back to the kickoffs.


Manning had an epic grab.

Posh took out YHC.

Scamper decided to bull rush YHC & Posh.

Westside nearly ended Manning’s life.

SallyRide had a meltdown.



No expressed prayer needs this time. We mentioned The League Anniversary coming up.

TitleMax won MVP.

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