The 2020 IPC is upon us.  YHC took the week 0 Q.  Priority 1 – find a 400 meter loop at TLD.  Arrived early for some test runs in various location.  The Liberty bus lane loop works out to exactly 400 meters (on the outside of the loop) – awesome.  Assemble pax for a short mosey and warm-o-rama.  Weed pickers were called first to keep everyone on their toes.  Some may or may not have already assumed side straddle hop position.  The thang was pretty simple.  As in simple to understand, not easy.  50 air squats, 40 big boi situps, 30 merkins, 20 bonnie blairs, 10 burpees, 400 meter run.  Rinse and repeat for four reps.  Gazelles did a bonus round.  All pax finished just in time to mosey to back to the flag for an on time finish.  Now to submit all those sub-10 minute finish times!

Announced 3rd F convergence details.  Prayers for our country and leaders and uncertain times.

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