AO: Clinic

When: 05/09/2022


Number of Pax: 20

Pax Names: Blue Light, Chevy, Coco, Finkle, Glamour Shots, Gut Check, Little Sebastian, Meter Maid, Oracle, Prime, Rojas, Scotchguard, Spaceballs, Steeplechase, Stinky Pete, Stopwatch, Subzero, Test Tube, Tingles, Wax-on,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Gut Check


Thanks to Careless Whisper who texted YHC Sunday night to apologize that he would miss YHC’s Q at the The Clinic… (record scratch sound)! YHC signed up for this who knows when!!! Time to make something up and make some memories.


It would not be a Gut Check Q without the same 4 WOR exercises. 21 SSH (that’s a hint) IC. 10 Imperial Walkers IC. 10 Windmills IC. 10 (Spaceballs) Weed Pickers IC. Nod to how delicately Spaceballs picks weeds.

The Thang

11’s: Mosey to Main St. Introduce the Pax to the Burp-post–the lighpost where Pax will do burpees (We did one for demonstration). Mosey to the Monkey Trees (2 trees on the sidewalk) where every pass the Pax were required to do 5 Monkey Humpers with A** facing the road. Mosey to the Dip Wall where 20 dips would do dips. Started with 10.

Clinic Pax ask a lot of questions. Sometimes you just have to demonstrate. So 11’s it was. 55 Burpees. 100+ Monkey Humpers. 55 Dips.

Thpike Thysons: 20 of ’em IC. Oh, what’s a Thpike Thyson? Glad you should ask. A Mike Tyson with three thquats inthead of one. Merkin on the four-counth. These thuck.

21’s: Rd. 1–SSH IC to 5. Pax count to 21. Oracle decided he wanted to do 22. 1 penalty burpee. Rd. 2–SSH IC t0 4. Pax silent count to 16. Oracle heard 6. Stood there watching everyone finish. 2 penalty burpees.

Catch Me If You Can: Always end a Clinic Q with sprints!

  • Rd. 1 – Pax 1 does 1 burpee, then chases Pax 2 who is sprinting Backwards.
  • Rd. 2 – Pax 1 does 2 Merkins, then chases Pax 2 who is sprinting Backwards.
  • Rd. 3 – Pax 1 does 3 LBCs, then chases Pax 2 who is Karaoke’ing across the field.
  • Rd. 4 – All Pax do 1 Alarm Clock and sprint backwards across the field.


Prayers for Finkle who was 6th Man (Safety for himself and all State Patrol officers).

Naked Man Moleskin

Are you hiding in plain sight? If you are you know exactly what YHC is referring to. You show up to workouts, 2nd F, 3rd F, etc., but YOU ARE STRUGGLING silently and faking it. Get the help you need–Shield Lock (HARD) with a few Pax, other men from church, community, etc.

Know anyone who is hiding in plain sight? Reach out to them! They NEED you. Even if it’s just to say Hi and check in. The men to your left and right have struggles.

YHC recently started counseling/therapy/call it what you will. Swore would NEVER do it. About 8 sessions in YHC is finding some black spots in my soul that greatly needed healing. Maybe you do to. SEEK HELP!!!


(And no Oracle isn’t stupid, but every good 21’s needs a victim to justify penalties)

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