AO: Forge

When: 06/29/2022


Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: BoSox, Dig-Em, Doddy, Grimace, Grylls, Jackalope, Lizard King, Narco, Nesquik, Nomad, Odd Job, Pie Bar, Pig Knuckle, Rembrandt, Tiny Tat, Trill,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Pie Bar

  • Warmo: short mosey around parking lot. SSH; Imperials; Weedpickers; Sun Gods; Phelps; Merkins; Copperhead Squats
  • The Thang: Tibata workout with kettlebells. Perform circuit of exercises, doing each exercise for 30 seconds and then resting 10 seconds in between. After each round, run a lap. Then add an exercise to each successive round.
    • Round 1: Burpees, Plank Pull Thrus, Swings, Merkins, KB Flutter Kicks, Goblet Squats, OH Press, Triple Threat (named after Dig-Em)
    • Round 2: R&R, add KB Thrusters
    • Round 3: R&R, add KB Hops
    • Round 4: R&R, add Reverse Lunges
    • Round 5: Didn’t make it thru – got approximately halfway
  • ¬†Two Minutes of Mary
  • COT: YHC talked of importance of F3 during last year; Rembrandt (the 6) talked about meaning of F3 for him; prayers of thanksgiving to Sky Q
  • Naked Man Moleskin: YHC has made a concerted effort to travel while he can during the summer while school is out and it’s been great reconnecting with the Cherokee PAX. It was great to be back at The Forge, notwithstanding Jackalope’s creepy nipple-holed shirt!

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