AO: Rattlesnake Riviera

When: 12/15/2021


Number of Pax: 17

Pax Names: 8-Bit, Bonanzo, Charmin, Chops, Gambler, Hasbro, Hass, Hurley, Lexi, Maaco, Macintosh, Mayflower, Monet, Nano, P-body, Paper jam, Rodeo Clown,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Chops

YHC hosting a lil Christmas Caper around downtown Canton. Dropped off 12 softballs w/ ziplock bags full of playing cards around the town for a Poker Run. Quick explanation to the PAX prior to StartEx while stragglers are still pulling in. Teams of 2 (one team of 3) take off to find at least 5 points from a coordinates sheet. Tips & tricks were on the bottom of the sheet for those capable of reading fine print (apparently Mac can’t.) Lots of teams crisscrossing paths & some PAX were ruck-running. Rendezvous back at EndEx 6:15 (except Rodeo Clown & Mayflower thinking 6:30). Lexi & Hass team won the poker hand with like 5 Aces (I’m calling BS) to collect the winner prizes of nalgene water bottle, gloves, socks. Yessir!

After COT YHC revealed roasted ham, slider buns, bbq sauce, bananas & drinks. Hasbro brought the Joe. Good times and conversations. Merry Christmas. The illustrious  $69.99 app is at

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