AO: Clinic

When: 07/09/2021


Number of Pax: 24

Pax Names: B-Line, BailBond, Billboard, Brady Bunch, Copper, Detention, E-tool, Greaser, Icy Hot, Kenobi, Lamb Chop, Livingston, Oracle, Roll Tide, Scarlet, Scotchguard, Sgt. Slaughter, Slow Burn, Surf N Turf, The Mole, Wax-on,

Number of FNGS: 3

FNG Names: Bilboard, money ball, Poe

QIC: BradyBunch

I’m not going to lie, this sucked!! I knew when I planned it out that it was going to be brutal. And it did not disappoint.

Warmup was a nice long mosey to Chatt Tech.  The lovely citizens of Woodstock filled the amphitheater with chairs for the eagerly awaited Queen tribute concert that evening.  So YHC had to modify the Beatdown just a bit. After the mosey and the credo, we just got right to work.

Most of the Pax have not heard of Chase the Rabbit before.  It’s a relatively simple concept, but we had some glitches.  One Pax is the rabbit, at the start he runs to the first station (there are 4) and performs as many reps of a predetermined exercise as he can until the first Pax catches up too him. At this point he stops his count and runs to the next station and repeats. Back at the start, the remaining Pax start with 15 of determined exercise and when EVERYONE is finished, we run to catch the rabbit.  Sounds easy, right? For some reason the concept of waiting until everyone was done was a hard one to grasp.  Several guys would try to run after the rabbit as soon as they were done with their reps… After explaining this multiple times, I just decided that no one could run until I said it was ok to go.  Some mumbling, but this worked better.

The exercises: I did the Chase the Rabbit at the Colosseum two days before and we focused on upper body with coupons.  We weren’t using coupons here and we focused on legs.  All legs.  The 4 corners of the parking lot were our 4 stations.  The parking lot is longer than it used t be and it has a pretty nasty incline, especially nasty after your 2nd-3rd round of leg exercises.  Back to that… the exercises were: Monkey humpers, Bobby Hurleys, Bounce squats, Pulse lunges, No surrenders, Bonnie Blairs, and Imperial squat walkers.  We didn’t get to the walkers.  Keep in mind we did 4 sets of these exercises with a sprint/run in between. 4 sets of 15 or more of each…

Lots of mumblechatter during the beatdown. Not all of it was the friendly chatter you would expect from a bunch of jovial fellas.  I don’t think anyone liked BradyBunch that morning.  YHC even got a nasty F-you from the Mole.  I honestly expected more than just the one.  But the goal was accomplished: we all got stronger and we got closer together!

There was a slow painful mosey back to the flag for COT, name giving of our 3 FNGs and coffeteria!

All in all, quite a lovely morning!

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