AO: Chatterbox

When: 08/08/2022


Number of Pax: 17

Pax Names: Bagger, Chubb, Doddy, Grimace, Grylls, Harbor Freight, Honeypot, Lizard King, Narco, Nesquik, Saluki, Scarlet, Squat-N-Cough, Stinky Pete, Trill, Uncle Dick, Vanilli,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: harbor freight

QIC: LizardKing

Warm-A-Rama: Mosey around track then Merkins, SSH, Weedpicker, SunGods, and Michael Phelps OYO.

Partner routine – Bernie Sanders down run back to bleachers for 10 dips on bleachers

50 merkins 

75 LBCs

100 lunges

125 plank jacks 

150 squats 

Sprints on BB court

Mario Brothers on BB court

Head to track

Partner up – Partners sprint out as far as they think they need to go to get 10 brokins done without the pax catching them. If caught partners do 5 burpees while pax air chair. Rinse and repeat 


YHC thought it was a good idea to bring the Vineyard Amped to the Chatterbox. If you loved or hated it come to Vineyard Amped.

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