AO: Lions Den

When: 01/26/2023


Number of Pax: 22

Pax Names: Backdraft, Blowpop, Charmin, Chicken Fried, Chicken Wing, Fleetwood, Hartford, Ice T, Landing Strip, Muffet, Odd Job, Oshkosh, Pie Bar, Roscoe P, Saget, Sleepy Joe, Swap, Tackleberry,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Oshkosh

  • Welcome to F3
  • FNG?
  • Peer led men work out by men
  • I am a not a professional
  • Come rain or shine
  • Hot or cold
  • Lets get started

Starting position move is

In cadence


Warm up

  • Weed Picker
  • Side saddle hop
  • Knee ups on your own
  • Weed Picker
  • Squats
  • SunGods
  • Michael Phelps


  • Start with 10, 20, in each zone
  • Take a lap
  • Add 1 after each lap


  • Suicide station #1: WMD Merkins count 10+1 each time through
  • Suicide station #2:Imperial Squawkers count 20+1 each time through
  • Suicide station #3:Bicep curls with coupon 30+1 each time through
  • Suicide station #4:Plank Jacks 40+1 each time through

Rinse and REPEAT AGAIN ADDING 1 rep every time

Ring of fire

hold plank while 5 reps of Mike Tyson’s around the ring

hold squat squat while 5 reps of squats around the ring

End with COT order as follows:

1) Count 22

2) Namorama

3) 6th man

4) FNG – no

5) Announcements & Prayers

  1. Fellowship coffeeteria.

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