AO: Catbox

When: 12/16/2023


Number of Pax: 19

Pax Names: Barrel Monkey, Blowpop, Callahan, Chicken Fight, Chubbs, Edibles, Ghillie, Hard Drive, Ice T, LaFleur, Osh-Kosh, Pie Bar (PB), Pop Up, Ring Pop, Roscoe P, Sega, Sleepy Joe, Spicoli, Tackleberry,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Chubbs

We did some warmup execises and they were a bummer. The Q made everyone listen to Feliz Navidad and do a burpee everytime he said the title of the song. The song is the audio equivalent of coal in the BD stocking, so it was also terrible. But then someone had the bright idea of having 25 manmakers at one of the stations. Now, the Q did think for several minutes the night berfore and nearly lowered the amount. But “if you can’t do it, don’t Q it, you know what? Screw it.” So 25 manmakers led off one of four stations that had 25 reps of 4 exercises. We ran some in between and finished with speedball. Kudos to Sega for making a fingertip catch of a poorly thrown touchdown pass.

In the COT, everyone silently assented that they should sign up to Q the Catbox, because if Grandpa Chubbs can do it, then anyone can.

Also, we didn’t pray for anyone present today, so we can assume that everyone’s lives are just peachy. We did pray for Blackhawk and that God would heal him.

The End.

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