AO: League

When: 02/22/2020


Number of Pax: 23

Pax Names: Ann Arbor, Aquaman, Chancellor, Festiva, Fuzzy, Garfield, Good Hands, Hangnail, Hass, Katniss, Lexi, Lively, Panhandle, Pony Boy, Pop Up, Scamper, Spit Valve, Spock, Sputnik, Westside, Wild Thing, Wrangler, Z93,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Panhandle

The BackBlast:


Spock returns!! XL time! 0630-0800


Some came for a prerun/ruck

straight to disc play

The Thang:

UF started 7v7, ended 13v10

Pennies started on fire and got up 5-0. Shirts could never quite catch up again, getting within two, but pennies blew it open again at the end. Even being outnumbered they would not be denied.


prayers for Katniss’ knee

scampers schedule

celebration of life for Christian Stevens aka Pucker Factor


Naked Man Moleskin:

Wild Thing came up with the MVP  today. Balled out!!

wonder twins never activated their powers as their dad decided to take them (and the rest of us) to school.

Sputnik has a gofundme page for cleats.

YHC apparently thought this game should be played by making catches with his thumb 🤦🏻‍♂️

Garfield went full rage monster at the end with two [email protected]&k shots with the disc against the other team.

Katniss made one of his signature sliding grabs only to injure his knee. Prayers for quick recovery!

Scamper and WT just don’t drop the disc when tossed high.

Lively wanted to play in his boxers, but we convinced him to stay in a shirt and shorts.

Westside decided to bring his M’s panties in the penny bag this morning. Almost got him to play with them on.

Holy crap Spock is back!!! New dads getting after it again quickly!

Chancellor made his return and easily made his presence felt, especially with a diving score.

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