AO: Flying V

When: 03/22/2022


Number of Pax: 18

Pax Names: Babe, Brad Pitt, Driftwood, Dufresne, Flipper, Gambler, Geek Squad, Groot, Lifeboat, Lizard King, Maaco, Narco, Neon, Nesquik, Sega, The Situation, Tommy Lee,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Little Sebastian

QIC: NesQuik

The morning was dark!  It was warm!  It was dark and warm.  The crowd gathered around for the most original route ever to be run at the Flying V!  It is a route that was never run before… well maybe not.  It’s probably not that original, but it was effective.

We headed north to Ridgewalk Parkway, then turned left.  Turned left at the first entrance to WCC (Mount Killamylunga), and followed that around to Ridge Trail and turned right back to Ridgewalk Pkwy.  Turn left and run up to the outlet mall entrance.  Follow the outer road around the mall to the roundabout at Woodstock Pkwy.  For those speedsters, they can do an extra loop around the mall if they wanted to.  Follow Rope Mill Rd back to the start.  If you finish early, follow the road around the neighborhood behind the downtown area.  This should get you 4-5 miles.

We welcomed Li’l Sebastian (Little Sebastian) who was EH’d by Picanha, who was not there, but was missed!

3rd F Breakfast is this Friday at New Life Church.

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