AO: Radio Silence

When: 12/16/2021


Number of Pax: 20

Pax Names: Biebs, Chubbs, Couch Potato, Hartford, Hottie, Hustler, Kernel, Mansplain, P-body, Paper jam, Short Circuit, Slow Burn, Small World, The Count, Tooltime, Training wheels, Walk Off,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Hottie

QIC: Kernel

Cherokee brothers welcomed some neighboring NOGA pax this warm December morning. All PAX were asked to bring all their stress/prayers/EOY concerns to Burn. Them. Off.

Pre Pre-Run @ 0430

Pre Run @ 0500

The Q was touched from his warm welcome “downrange” the previous week at Radio Silence and some serious life battles that Pax shared and provided him much help for planning the beatdown on 12.16. How can we Burn off all this stress and OR pray for one another and leave it up for the SkyQ???

So developed the ” Stress Free Burn ” beatdown:

As Pax roll in, the Q asked they notate their “top 5″ current stressors/prayers request on paper and drop them off in the Q’s ruck. Rate them 1-5,    5 being their heaviest stressor right now.

Startex 0530, Welcome All and FNG, Introduction(s), Count-OFF, FOOP-COT, Disclaim-O  & short  MOSEY

Circle up, Name-off, F3 Mission Statement and Warm-o-rama:

-SSH, Weedpickers, TumbleWeed, InchWorm Merkins, SunGODS, Michael Phelps, 30 Seconds OYO any ailments needed extra stretching….

Split total pax in 2 groups , placed with partner across from one another.

Mosey back by the tennis court and to the cindy’s/coupons and Fire pit for THE THANG Instructions:

All of us have some sort of stress, prayer requests, or person on our minds at all times, especially this time of year. Their names should be in the ruck. (Walk-off filling out time now as he almost fart sacked on us, but showed up and showed out anyway).

As an overzealous  Q witnessed his master plan nearing a dumpster fire with too many rules/instructions regarding weighted variables for reps/sets, an on the fly audible was called for the PAX to average the age between them and their beatdown partner and that would be their rep count. When Falling. DIVE!

Stations: At the BURN station, PAX picked a random ” stress ” card out of the ruck, thought about it, read it outloud and then sent it up to the SkyQ via fire pit (ty SmokeRing), busted out their number of reps and hurry shuffled to the patio bench area. One team moseyed clockwise and the other partner went the opposite direction. When PAX passed their partner, there should have been a high-five, fist bump (some sort of encouragement) and an A burpee, bc everyone loves Burpees, per Hartford and Walk-off… And sometimes, we only see one another in passing or at a beatdown and we should encourge one another when we get the chance.

When crossing the tennis courts, half-way mode of transportation was The LUNGE, other half was BearCrawls….


A Time was set and reset Every 7 days for…BURPEES, why? BC everyone LOVES Burpees, and 7 is the weekly reset. We get to blow out each week and reset on the 7th. Rest.

Pax continued until T-3 to TIME, circle up around the FIRE pit, ALL stress burned OFF and prayer requests sent up to the SkyQ. Three Minutes of Mary in a Freed to Leadership style take em’ practice.

Count-off, started with 19, finished with 20? Wait, what?!


Name-o-rama, prayer request, 6 Man(Q) , FNG ( Welcome ASL, DSL, Myspace, HOTTIE !!! )


Humbled and thankful for the opportunity to Q and burn off stress with the PAX.


Kernel, OUT.



*Sorry, I believe a young pax posted by the name of Pee-Man (?), but couldn’t pull his name up in the slack. Please help, if possible.

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