AO: Paragon

When: 11/10/2020


Number of Pax: 22

Pax Names: Baby Ruth, Babyface, Crablegs, Dr. Thunder, Drumstick, Garfield, Gringo, Katniss, Khakis, Ma Bell, Preacher, Rat Tail, Sweat Shop, Tallyman, Tebow, Tulip, Wheelin, Wiggum, Woody,

Number of FNGS: 3

FNG Names: Apple Pi, Mater, Prada

QIC: Babyface

It’s been a minute since I have ventured south to the Paragon.


Run around for a little while then circle up and do some IC exercises

The Thang:

Speed Hump Escalator-

Start with 5 merkins, 10 Squats, and 15 Big boys at the 1st speed hump, run back to the start, then to the 2nd speed hump and add 5 to every exercise.  Keep doing this for all the speed humps, + the entrance to the parking lot (up the hill)


Next, we moved onto 11’s up the hill with Burpees at the top and Plank Jacks at the bottom.



Prayers for Sadie and her family (from Dr. Thunder)



It was nice to branch out this morning and visit someplace out of the norm.  Awesome group of guys, solid mumble chatter, 2 FNGs, and seeing guys I have not had the pleasure of hanging out with in a long while.  Great way to start a Tuesday.  It’s about time that the Paragon had some solid leadership, good Job Rat Tail.

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