AO: Radio Silence

When: 09/02/2021


Number of Pax: 19

Pax Names: BailBond, Blowpop, Coach Twilight, Farm Country, Hustler, Mansplain, Nano, RocketMan, Saget, Short Circuit, Slum Lord, Small World, The Count, Walk Off,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Paper Jam

9/2/21  – Radio Silence AO

BD: Pick Up Sticks

Q – Paper Jam


@Slum Lord, @Walk Off, @The Count, @Hustler, @Twilight, @Bail Bond, @Mansplain, @RocketMan, @Chicken Fight, @Blow Pop, @Ring Pop, @Small World, @Farm Country, @Mongolia, @Short Circuit, @Saget, @Switch Hitter, @Nano



Thanks to all who attended for honoring me with leading you today!  Thanks to @Oracle, @Short Circuit and @Hustler for their leadership and prodding!

90% of the PAX rolled in under 10 minutes prior to start time, with a couple joining afterwards.  The PAX just kept rolling in.  Even if you’re late, come on anyway!   At the very least you’ll get the most important part during the COT at the end!!

Props to @Slum Lord for showing up early to help prep the site!

A local PAX asked “How did those logs get on our playground last night?”

@Hustler asked for a “nasty” BD.  Mission accomplished.

Today’s fun consisted of:

Each person was tasked to move 1 of 3 logs (heavy, heavier and HEAVIEST) across the playground and back. I saw lots of HEAVIEST being moved this morning.  It was pointed out that when the logs hit the ground, the swings would even shake in terror (or possibly vibration 🙂 ) Each PAX made 4 trips down and back the playground span.  During each person’s journey across the grounds, carrying or flipping their log, the rest of the PAX did the following continuous exercises:

K – [Flutter] Kicks

I – Imperial Walkers

S – Squat (one long squat, not multiples).  HOOOOOOOLLLLLDDDDDD IT!  @SmallWorld was accused of ‘wall sitting’ but I was there and he was definitely self supporting.

S – Side Straddle Hops


After completion, we circled up for some Sprinklers with a coupon passed around to wind down.  Have to say our Sprinklers were going in all kinds of different directions.  We’d have definitely covered the lawn, if we weren’t on the asphalt.

Congrats to the 2.0s (Chicken Fight and Ring Pop) who teamed up to carry something that probably equaled/exceeded either of their weights.


Prayer requests:

Continue to pray for Biebs and his family. His 2.0 Caleb is home (BIG PRAISE!!), but they’re still ‘getting back in the groove’.  There’s a Meal Train link in Slack if you’d like to help out.

@Peabody wasn’t able to attend due to a tweaked back  (from trying to keep up with his sister).  Pray and give him appropriate support and feedback for his ‘situation’. 🙂

Prayers for @Short Circuit and a situation he’s dealing with

Prayers for @Oracle and his family

Prayers for all affect by Covid and Hurricane Ida  (there are venues to support F3 support efforts. Search Slack for Ida to find Venmo addresses).


Praise for all the families and individuals recovering from Covid!!

Praise to God for giving us the choice of whether to challenge ourselves, our bodies, hearts and minds!  Let’s continue making good choices (and EH those who don’t 🙂 ).


Remember, God knows our hearts and all our needs, but longs for our personal communication of both prayers and praises.   When it comes to God, we need to be the “squeakiest” wheel possible and take EVERYTHING to Him in prayer!!


Paper Jam out! Have a blessed day!


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