AO: Chatterbox

When: 07/16/2022


Number of Pax: 17

Pax Names: Bagger, Chevette, Chevy, Chubb, Couch Potato, Hard Hittin, Honeypot, Lizard King, Narco, Nesquik, Nomad, Pigeon, Smithers, Squat-N-Cough, Trill, Uncle Dick, Vanilli,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Scarlett

Daisy Pickers, Derricks, Imperial Squat Walkers, Gas Pump.

Then the block coupons…

Windshield Wipers, Squat Press-Out, Calf-Raise

To the field…

(with coupon) 5 thrusters, reverse lunge 10 yards. Repeat thrice, for total of 30 yards.

The Thang:

Murder Hornet – murder bunny 10 yards, 10 Man Makers, 10 Lunges, 10 BBS. Repeat to 20-yard line, and again to the 30-yd line

Bear Crawl + Coupon Drag back to starting line.

A quick sprint and do another round.

Coupons away…

Reverse table-up, flutterkicks


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