WARMUP: Indian Run to Amphitheater followed by SSH, Weed Pickers, Merkins, and Copperhead squats

Pax split into 4 teams and each person stood at a different level of amphitheater. Pax did exercises as relate at top of amphitheater ran to the top of the hill and played one turn of “Candy Land” witch was set up at the top. Once the pax ran back down everyone on that team shifted to the next level of the amphitheater

Next pax ran over to turf field and completed a relay passing sandbags between legs form one side of the field to another

Next was a few rounds of freeze tag

Ended workout by getting in a circle and each pax calling out 10reps of their preferred exercise.

MARY: ran from field back up to flag

ANNOUNCEMENTS: roamin ruck, Duster VQ this Monday at Apex

COT:prayers for ravenclaws uncle, wax on’s parents, and job opportunities for Wastewater’s M

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