AO: Lions Den

When: 12/22/2020


Number of Pax: 17

Pax Names: Backdraft, Blackhawk, Chubbs, Cookies ‘N Cream, Fleetwood, Hard Drive, Hartford, Hustler, Ice T, Mall Cop, Pop Up, Rembrandt, Roscoe P, Rug Burn, Short Circuit, Swap, Tenderloin,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Chubbs

QIC: Roscoe P.

Warm-O-Rama:Mosey “The Big Lap”, SSH, Weed Pickers, Windmills

The Thang: 12 days of Christmas – Run 1 Lap, 1st day exercise, Run 1 lap, 2nd day exercise, 1st day exercise, Run 1 lap….repeat all the way to Day 12

1st Day- 12 plank jacks (2 count)

2nd Day – 12 SSH (2 count)

3rd Day – 12 Copperhead Squats

4th Day – 12 Mtn. Climbers

5th Day – 12 Bonnie Blair’s (2 count)

6th Day – 12 Flutter Kicks (2 count)

7th Day – 12 American Hammers (2 count)

8th day – 12 Crab Cakes (2 count)

9th day – 12 Crunchy Frogs

10th day – 12 Groiners

11th Day – 12 Peter Parkers (2 count)

12th Day – 12 Burpees

During the mosey, PAX could be heard saying “ I hope this is all the running for today”  Nope! Heart rates were up, and spirits were lifted. Ice-T brought the Christmas tunes. Only casualty appeared to be Blackhawk’s pants



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