AO: Radio Silence

When: 11/03/2021


Number of Pax: 18

Pax Names: Biebs, Binks, Chubbs, Coach Twilight, FNG, Half Way, Hustler, Long Drive, Lt. Dan, Macintosh, Mansplain, Nano, P-body, Short Circuit, Small World, Swith Hitter, The Count, Tooltime,

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: Venus, Long Drive

QIC: Mansplain

Warmed up with “The longest mosey we’ve ever done.”

Part 1: Racing and Free Throws

Pax partnered up with someone of “approximately the same speed as themselves.” Partners stood across from each other at half court and became “enemies” instead of partners. Each half of the court united to create a team so that “enemies” could compete in a 1v1 race/free throw competition on behalf of their team. While one set of “enemies” raced and shot free throws, the remaining Pax (8 sets of “enemies”) completed the MASH (as in, potatoes). Just like good Mashed Potatoes, Pax took on as many reps as they could during the racing. First team to 7 wins, except we only made it to 5:

  • M – Mike Tyson
  • A – Air Chair
  • S – Superman
  • H – Hurpees

Note to self: make race shorter next time. Totally not Q’s fault for picking too long of track…Pax are definitely too slow.

Part 2: Scripture Time with Mansplain

Warm Up Version

Circled up on the basketball court, on their 6’s, doing any variation of six-inches, flutter kicks, etc. Mansplain picks out a scripture verse to repeat. If the verse gets botched, Pax does a leg raise and starts the verse over. If the verse gets botched twice, 2 leg raises and start over. Pax made it to 3 leg raises to successfully get through John 3:16.

Game Time

Still in a circle, Planking with arms fully extended. Repeating James 2:19 (KJV). If you botch it, the group does 1 merkin, then 2…and 3. We got up to 6 merkins. Always start over from the beginning. Everyone will learn their part eventually.

Part 3: 11’s on Terrib Hill

Bernie up. Jog down. Squats on the bottom. Monkey humpers on top (that’s where monkey humpers go, right?).


Welcomed two FNGs: Venus and Long Drive. Coffee and donuts for all. Great job Radio Silence and Happy Turkey Day!

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