AO: Kratos

When: 03/29/2024


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: 8-Bit, Aquaman, Baby Ruth, Bo Peep, Good Hands, Hass, LBC, Panhandle, Tallyman, Tulip, Westside, Wiggum,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Panhandle

WARMUP: Lap, prayer, ssh, weed pickers
Stations of the Cross – 15 stations through an hour
Do an exercise for each station, reflect on each station through sharing, reading a passage about the station, then 30 secs of prayer, do a lap after each station, then interact with the next station
1 – burpees, Christ is Condemned to Death
2 – partner carries, Jesus takes up his cross
3 – mtn climbers, Jesus falls the first time
4 – oblique lbcs, Jesus sees his mother
5 – fireman carries, Simon helps Jesus with the cross
6 – partner merkins until failure, Veronica wipes the face of Christ
7 – star lunges, Jesus falls a second time
8 – plank, Jesus speaks to the women mourning him
9 – air walkers, Jesus falls a third time
10 – american hammers, Jesus is stripped of his garments
11 – wide merkins, Jesus is nailed to the cross
12 – air chair, Jesus dies on the cross
13 – cross squats w/ twist to each side, Jesus is taken down from the cross
14 – cool down, Jesus is laid in the tomb
15 – turkish get-ups, Jesus is risen

ANNOUNCEMENTS: wiggum’s bday! csaup, family in need
COT: prayers for Penny and Tebow’s sister

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