AO: Radio Silence

When: 07/21/2022


Number of Pax: 18

Pax Names: Chubbs, Coach Twilight, Couch Potato, Escargot, Hartford, Hustler, Lt. Dan, Mansplain, Nano, Number 2, P-body, Paper jam, Short Circuit, The Count, Tre, Walk Off, West Coast,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Tre

QIC: P-body

Today was the 1 year anniversary of me and Nano doing F3. Oh and I guess the anniversary of Radio Scilence aswell, though that is still under dispute.

For our workout this morning, we started off by mozzying down to the far right side of the soccer field. There, we did our-


  • 10 Copperhead Squats
  • 10 Copperhead Merkins
  • 5 Weed Pickers
  • Sun Gods OYO
  • Michael Phelps OYO

The Thang

Everybody paired up with someone else. Once we did this, we mozzyed down to the far sidewalk across the road. Here we lined up on every other sidewalk crack and got into a plank. The people in the back line either lunged, bear crawled, or Bernie Sanders’ed to the front. Once there, they did 10 of the exercise while everyone else did 5. After both the front people are done we repeated. The exercises were-

  • Merkins
  • SSHs
  • American Hammers
  • Squats

We did this until everyone had gone once, then split into two groups. Each went on either side of the road and we did another centipede but racing this time. It was a close race and the team that one got first dibs on Bacon. Once we were done we mozzyed back up to the soccer field to do a plank/merkin ring of fire. After that we mozzyed back to the flag to end early at 6 to give everyone time to eat before having to work. But the food was not ready so I had to improvise. I led some american hammers then we ran a lap. whoever got back first got to lead the next workout. We did this one more time but the bacon STILL wasnt ready so we mozzyed down to the basketball court to do a reversed suicide. after that we mozzyed back to the flag for the second time and, after a 30 second plank, we finally did our-


West side shared as Six-man then we welcomed an FNG now known as Tre. We had many prayers today and many praises but we specifically lifted up our fellow PAX Tootlime who was having an important surgury today for his cancer. Once we prayed out we all enjoyed some awsome bacon, biscuts, eggs, and fellowship, well worth the wait and workout.

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