AO: League

When: 03/04/2020


Number of Pax: 21

Pax Names: 8-Bit, Almost, Ann Arbor, Aquaman, Chancellor, Fuzzy, G-String, Garfield, Good Hands, Hass, Katniss, Manning, Rubberneck, Sally Ride, Scamper, Spock, The Pope, Waffle Cone, Westside, Wild Thing, Woody,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Woody

The BackBlast:


QiC decided to mix things up a bit today and take The League ultimate games to a new level with Ultimate KanJam.


No warm ups at The League, you can do that on your own time, we just get down to business.

The Thang:

Since it seems to perpetually rain in Georgia, we opted to set up the field from side to side to avoid the particularly deep mud pits at the long ends of the field. This made for a shorter field, but encouraged sprinting and the unique goals kept the game interesting.

Today’s sport was ultimate frisbee meets KanJam. Basic ultimate rules applied, but instead of regular end zones, each team had a KanJam goal that they either had to hit outright or a teammate could deflect the disc to hit or go into the goal. A large box (30 x 30 ft) was setup and offensive players had to throw from outside the box. A smaller box (15 x 15 ft) was setup inside the larger box and defensive players could not go inside the inner box where the goal was.

The Rules:

  • Offense must throw from outside the large box
  • Defense can guard the goal, but must stay outside the smaller box
  • Offensive teammates can tip / deflect the disc into the goal.
  • If a teammate catches the disc, it must be thrown outside the large box before another goal is attempted.


  • In the hole – 3 points
  • In the top – 2 points
  • Anywhere else – 1 point

Highlight Real:

  • Aquaman missing his first 5 attempts to tip the disc into the goal, then making 6 goals to become one of the top scoring players
  • 8-Bit was a defensive beast, boxing out players left and right
  • Almost sacrificing his body with a diving block to prevent a score
  • Wild Thing never stopped moving and seemed to be everywhere
  • Good Hands flicking the disc with deadly accuracy as usual
  • Manning making us young guys look bad

To see how traditional KanJam is played, check out


Name-0-rama, MVP (8-Bit), Praises and Prayers. Manning with a solid encouragement to invest in our marriages.

Naked Man Moleskin:

I look forward to The League every week. Even when it is pouring down rain it is great to get out with you HIMs for some fierce competition and fun. I enjoyed planning this new game and had a blast trying out something new. Grateful for each of you — you make me a stronger, better man. SYITG

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