AO: Apex

When: 07/06/2020


Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: Black Swan, Brad Pitt, Brady Bunch, Chancellor, Depends, Exile, Fudd, Geek Squad, Jack Bauer, Maaco, Miata, Rubberneck, Snot Rocket,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Hollace Hartley

QIC: WaffleCone

Intro: Getting back on the Apex Q sheet was way overdue and YHC was inspired by BradPitt’s Bobby Hurley’s and GeekSquad’s Bunny Hops from the last weekend’s convergence.  Pulling from YHC’s high school basketball glory days and one coach Chuck Bourgeois’ infamous practices, we had a Bobby Hurley’s TrashCan B-Ball Dora BeatDown.  It was very close to a dumpster fire at one point,  but the PAX held strong to pull it off!

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey towards the Apex’s cinder-block station to circle up:  SSH, (Side Straddle Hop); TWP’s, (The Weed Pickers); HK’s, (High Knees); OP’s, (Overhead Press); SG’s, (Sun Gods); MP’s, (Michael Phelps)

The Thang: Bobby Hurley’s TrashCan B-Ball Dora

Grab a coupon, (cinder-block, or rock for 2.0’s in attendance) and follow YHC for a lengthy mosey across the grass up the hill and over to the front parking lot of Booth T Middle school.

Check the WhiteBoard for Practice instructions, Partner up, (Dora style) and Go!

1st Partner was the Timer while the 2nd Partner started the Exercises.  The switch occurred when 1st Partner finished the Timer activity.  Then they continued the Exercise count and the 2nd Partner became the Timer and so on..

Timer:                                                   Exercise:

Suicides / Lines                                     100 BBS

                                                                  100 Curls w Coupons


Defensive Shuffles                                 150 Merkins

                                                                   150 American Hammers


Bunny Hops & Bear Crawls                 200 Squats

                                                                   200 Flutter Kicks w Coupons


Suicides / Lines                                      300 Bobby Hurley’s

                                                                   300 SSH’s


Bobby Hurley Shoot Out!

*To End the Practice (BD), the PAX counted off as 1’s and 2’s and lined up in two lines 10 feet from the two large Etowah HS trash can hoops.  The front PAX each were given a B-ball to shoot into the trash hoops.  You take 1 shot.  You make it, you get a point, recover the ball, give it to the PAX behind you then go to the back of the line.  If you miss, you get your own rebound and then your entire team gets on the line and runs suicides / lines (50% of the distance of the earlier Timer suicide activity). You then come back, (picking up the 6th) and the next in line continues to try to make the shot.  If you have some PAX with a nice touch that hits their shots, you minimize your suicide running, keep shooting and increase your points and chance to win the shoot out.  


COT: Prayers for Sharapova and his M, Amy, for Hitch’s Family friends and their son Lucas who just turned 16 and has been diagnosed with bone cancer and for all the unspoken prayers.


The mosey to the Warm a Rama location started about 20 seconds early and there were only a few complaints about that..  It was a good thing it did though as YHC got to the warm up area and could not read the intended warm ups on his phone so went from memory (always dangerous..)  The mumble chatter started getting loud, but quickly shut down as I called for HC’s (High Knees) warm ups.  

YHC instructed the PAX to grab a coupon and follow across the grass, up the hill and over to the other school’s parking lot.  There was a realization by YHC at the top of that hill that cinder blocks are heavy to run up hills with and my mosey was sort of feeling like an Apex pre-run all of a sudden..  Maaco jumped in to help with some planking and yogaish moves to wait on the six and 2.0’s to take the hill to the parking lot and then it was time to instruct the PAX on The Thang..

YHC knew there would be a lot of high impact running, so tried to keep it in one area and allow some grass islands near the court so PAX were not doing BBS on concrete.  Many of the Timer exercises were pulled from YHC’s High School Basketball practice days and the PAX did not disappoint.  Seeing all the PAX doing Defensive Shuffles across the parking lot while Brady Bunch and Chancellor did BunnyHops was a thing of beauty.  (I will not comment on JackBauer’s BunnyHops).  

Since BradyBunch’s last Q, the events and 360 all directional speaker functionality have been tough to top.  My little JLabs speaker would have been more useful for marking the shooting line then to play the music with it’s range of only 10 feet from my phone…  So I carried that around which was ok, until I realized that I could hear the PAX yelling that we would not likely get to the Bobby Hurley’s.  Once I did realize this, missing Bobby Hurley’s was not an option!  YHC may have been overzealous with the distance of the timer runs and planning for the last set of 300’s with Bobby Hurley’s & SSH’s.  So at roughly 0600 YHC called an audible to adjust, we wrapped up some flutter kicks, gathered the PAX around and did 10 Bobby Hurley’s in cadence.  (Some did Kodiak count, I think, but we got some in!)   

Next was the finale of the Bobby Hurley Shoot Out!

Instructions on this are above and thanks to RubberNeck, we ensured if someone missed, their whole team did the suicides before returning to shoot again.  YHC ended up doing some of the rebounding and standing the trashcan baskets back up.  Balls were everywhere!  I felt like I was reliving a Chancellor Q from the Clinic!  PAX got some more suicides in, but started to hit their shots.  Exile and BradyBunch had some great baskets, as did RubberNeck, (getting his Duke inspired momentum going).  I am sure there were others and 2.0’s who were on fire too!  With a battle to the buzzer at the end, Team 1 pulled off the “W” landing at 13-11 against Team 2.  By this time balls and trash cans were all over the place.

We all grabbed our coupons and made the trek back over to their storage location in southwest Woodstock.  We then headed over to a round of merkins at the flag led by Fudd for the last minute before the Name o Rama and COT.  We had @Sourpatch there, Depends 2.0 and were also joined by FNG Hollace Hartley, Depends other 2.0 and named him Frogger!  It was likely a decent work out, but my high school coach Chuck Bourgeois would be disappointed there was no merlot.  Maybe we get some next practice though..

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