AO: Clinic

When: 03/01/2021


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Barbossa, Butterfly, Clickbait, E-tool, Exile, Fleetwood, Icy Hot, One Scoop, Oracle, Satellite, Short Circuit, Surf N Turf, Test Tube, Wax-on,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Oracle

QIC: E-Tool

It was a wet but thankfully warm(ish) morning at the Clinic. YHC had asked the attending PAX to bring coupons to play with and they were more than willing. We had dumbells, kettle bells, sandbags, weighted rucks, and a cinder block.

Warmarama- YHC led the pax up the steps to the American Flag posted up above at the memorial. After a disjointed disclaimer (YHC blames VQdrenaline), we did some Burpees (in cadence, definitely need to work on that!), Never Surrenders facing the flag, SSH, maybe something else, and loosened our arms and shoulders out OYO.

Then a quick mosey back down to the AO for-

The THANG- YHC had a playlist curated for this workout consisting of some of his favorite motivational jams. There were four stations with the coupons we collected distributed where needed-

  1. Arms, 20 curls (or reverse curls) and 20 tricep presses, rinse and repeat
  2. Abs- BBS x20, flutterkicks x20 R&R
  3. Back and Chest- Merkins (good form) x20, Bent Over Rows x20 R&R
  4. Deadlifts x10, Squat Thrusters x10, Cleans x10, and Ground to Overheads x10

After we hit all four stations, Q put all the pax on their bellies in a circle (and in the soggy grass) to explain the next evolution. The PAX High Planked and the Qjumped up to run around the perimeter of the circle. Once he was 180 degrees around across from the next man on the right, that man jumped up to do the same. And so on, until all pax had completed a circuit around the planking PAX.

After which we flopped on our backs, started flutter kicking, and did the same thing.

We then performed a round of Mary, and there was just enough time to get around to all the PAX including the FNG (Oracle). YHC can remember some of the exercises chosen but not all. He was gassed at that point!

We then circled up at the shovel flag for the CoT. Counted off, Name-arama prayer requests.

Satellite is starting a new men’s group- prayers for success and blessings for the men involved. One Scoop’s sister Shara, who has really been through the wringer for a long time and especially since the kidney transplant. Currently on dialysis and antibiotics for infection. YHC’s mom, who was hospitalized for a few days last week. YHC prayed us out and there was some 2nd F and coffeeteria.


F3 has been a blessing to YHC, and it has really helped in all aspects of my life, incuding my relationship with my M, my fitness (both king and queen), my perspective on work and adversity.

YHC was honored and humbled by the men who chose the get out of the fartsack on a rainy morning and join me in the gloom.

Short Circuit “modified” so that he didn’t have to lay down in the soggy grass with us, but it didn’t work, he got waterlogged like the rest of us anyway.

Click Bait is freaking FAST!

Near the end of the beatdown Test Tube said “I’m totally waterlogged” and thus the title of the backblast was born

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