AO: Chatterbox

When: 10/28/2023


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Cheesesteak, Chubb, Clogger, Grimace, Honeypot, Lizard King, Narco, Nesquik, Odd Job, Sgt. Slaughter, The OG couch potato, Trill, Uncle Dick, Vanilli,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: 0

QIC: Trill

Shout out to Nesquick for bringing his balls though it turned out we didn’t need them. Shout out to Lizard king for handling Nesquick’s balls

WARMUP: Narco’s impatient mosey, WP, merkins, twisted mc, lbfc’s, sun g’s and Phelps, chuma burpees (still not a fan fav)
THE THANG: crawl, walk, run, skip
11’s, burps, bern up hill, Turkish get ups (we may be too late on this one, many pax need their hands to get up already but I’m not going to Shame Chubb like that) .
Partner incline sit ups (no man is allowed to touch lizard kings calves; what a waste of perfectly tanned, waxed, shiny calves)
Bodies hit the floor (old age moment & forgot how it goes , honeypot with the assist, routine still harder than expected. )
Thunder squats, block work , rof

MARY: something about her
ANNOUNCEMENTS: cloggers aka is Dutch oven. Trill is 40 again. 5 yrs of acting the age I feel with these guys. I’m lovin it!
COT:bless it the honey pot’s as the pot gets sweeter.

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