AO: Colosseum

When: 02/26/2024


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: BailBond, Blue Cheese, Careless Whisper, Cheesesteak, Chevy, Colonel Mustard, Dr Tron, Elvish, Magic Beans, Training Wheelz, Wet Bandit,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Cheesesteak

WARMUP: Mosey’d around lot waiting for Colonel Mustard. SSH, Copperhead Squats, Copperhead Merkins, SG’s, MP’s.
THE THANG: Rifle carry w/ coupons to BD area.
Round 1: Top Gun. Perform 10 reps each of 5 standing coupon exercises (Ex: Curls, Rows, Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Squats, Calf Raises) for 10 minutes. The 5 coupon exercises are repeated for the entire 10 minutes. The Danger Zone happens every minute on the minute when PAX drops coupon and perform 3 Burpees, then pick up where they left off on the coupon exercises.
Round 2: 22’s, Merkins and Bonnie Blairs. Shamelessly stolen from Chatterbox last Saturday. No shame. Covered 1.5 miles during 22’s.
Rifle carry back to flag.
MARY: BB’s, Box Cutters, T-Bombs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Wet Bandit’s VQ at the Rock tomorrow. Come support Chevy this Saturday at War Towne as they educated 2.0’s in the ways of man.
COT: Continued progress and patience on Careless Whisperer’s home. Cheesesteak hoping for good news on a job today and not to cry if he doesn’t get it.

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