AO: Clinic

When: 02/12/2020


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Brad Pitt, Depends, Dig-Em, Doddy, Driftwood, Festiva, Foosball, Geek Squad, Hooch, Nesquik, Saluki, Snot Rocket, Stopwatch,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Dry Dock

QIC: Geek Squad

The BackBlast:


Maximum stimulation: batteries not included.


Mosey’d up and around the stadium stairs, circle up on the squishy stimulating grass.

x20 stimulating SSH’s (4-count)

x20 stimulating Imperial Walkers (4-count)

x10 stimulating Windmills (4-count)

x10 stimulating Weedpickers (4-count)

Stimulating Sun Gods OYO

Stimulating Michael Phelps OYO

x10 stimulating Mike Tyson’s (4-count) NO RECOVER

x10 stimulating Peter Parkers (4-count) NO RECOVER

x10 stimulating Mountain Climbers (4-count) NO RECOVER

x10 stimulating Merkins (4-count)

The Thang:

4×4 Corners around the amphitheater lawn. At each corner, PAX stimulate x10 merkins. On the return to startex, add x20 stimulating squats for the next 4 corners. R/R adding x30 stimulating LBC’s and x40 stimulating SSH’s.

Partner Stimulating Dora – x100 merkins, x200 squats, x300 SSH’s. PAX 2 runs up stadium stairs and stimulates x10 gas pumps, then back down to stimulate partner.


Nesquik was the 6th man today. Shared about the difficulty he and his M have been having in communicating lately. Hooch, as always, shared some sound marriage advice for him and for all of the PAX.

Welcome FNG Dry Dock! Jon (no H) is an electrical engineer and got EH’d by Exile. Glad to have you out this morning and hope you continue!

Naked Man Moleskin:

The weather was warm, the mumblechatter was stimulating to say the least, and the coffeeteria was excellent. Great morning to post!

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