AO: Apex

When: 07/08/2024


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Brad Pitt, Brady Bunch, Canoe, Duster, Exile, Finkel, Jack Bauer, Mall Cop, Mr Sparky, Picanha, Swing Line, Tinfoil,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Brad Pitt

Mosey with hands raised to Warm-o-rama Parking lot


Qty 5 – Six count burpees for Mission Statement

Qty 5 each – Six count Burpees for  each of 4 of 5 core principles (total 20)

Mosey to The Thang

Circled up on the grass for 8 count wide Merkins (qty 10),  8 count Big Boy Sit-ups (Qty of 10),  8 count Diamond Merkins (qty 10), Frozen Freddie Mercury’s 2 minutes, 8 count regular Merkins (qty 10), Mosey around the parking lot to the wall at the middle school for some dips and step ups. 8 count dips (qty 10), Right leg step ups (qty 20), 8 count dips (qty 10), Left leg step-ups (qty 20), Final round of 8 count dips (qty 10) Moved to the Stairs for some calf raises. (30 left, 30 right, and 30 both feet). Mosey to the High school Gym parking lot for some 4 count Pulsing Lunges (qty 30). Moved to the rock bed for all to pick up a rock to do curls. Slow full curls for 20, change rock by moving one position to our right. Slow half-up curls for 20, change rock by moving one position to the right for slow half-down curls qty 20. Final Exercise was using short bars held by two packs so a third pax could do incline pull-ups. Goal was to do 20 or failure. Moseyed back to the flag for COT.

COT – Duster was 6th man. Working on consistency. Prayers for him to do better with his diet and prayers for his grandfather. Other prayer requests for Brady Bunch needing surgery on his back and looking for a house. Brad Pitt travels this week.

Mole Skin – Appreciate F3 men not only here but when I travel as well. Kindred spirits where ever I go and find F3. Thanks for being something I can count on. Continue to be the light in our community!


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