AO: WoodstockRucks

When: 02/27/2021


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: 8-Bit, Brady Bunch, Careless Whisper, Dropbox, E-tool, Exile, Foosball, Geek Squad, Gut Check, Hass, Hooch, Stopwatch, Trust Fall,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Tik Tok

QIC: Geek Squad

With the weather looking warm(ish), YHC decided it was time to get back to the roots of this whole rucking thing. Instructed PAX to bring and coordinate sandbags. Minimum buy-in was a 40lb for a single PAX or 60lb for 2 PAX to share.

Started from the amphitheater and rucked down greenprints to the AvonLea apartment complex where YHC had scoped out a nice stretch of land for some PT. Instructed PAX on the first exercise which would be the “Spanish Sand Drag” (gotta submit that name to LawDog to take place of the old name… PAX got on their knees and pushed the sandbag across the grass to a predetermined destination. Once there, PAX drug the sandbags back to the startex.

YHC had something else in mind but the time it took to get to the field took longer than expected so we skipped straight to the fun part. Next to the grass field was a nice big puddle filled with HPV. Had PAX line up in a straight line. PAX in front would pass a 40lb sandbag to the person behind them and then crawl through the muddy puddle between PAX legs to the back of the line to retrieve the sandbag and be ready to pass it on again (think Indian run style). We were able to complete 2 full rounds with the time allotted and even had some spare time for hydro-burpees.

Had PAX sandbag-up and then started to make our way out when YHC overheard someone say they were disappointed we didn’t do flutter kicks in the puddle. Not to worry as we found a nice muddy area not to far into the return home for that. Careless tried to get away with doing them on the concrete but YHC wasn’t gonna let him take the easy way out.

All PAX returned safely, but dirty as hell at 0615. YHC thoroughly enjoyed the conversations on Slack later about WHERE PAX were finding mud on their bodies, rucks, and sandbags. Thanks for all who came out even after YHC put SEVERAL warnings on Slack about what we would be doing. Good to know that when you put something like that out there, there’s a whole group of men invigorated by the thought of pushing themselves harder even at the cost of a dirtier laundry basket. Until next time…

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